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Protect your business against lost internet connectivity by replacing your lines for security, emergency, fire alarms, elevators, and more.

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So why is POTS replacement so important?

POTS stands for plain old telephone service, based on analog technology and copper wire network. POTSolve is a versatile software-driven dialing system which allows organizations to continue to use already installed equipment by replacing the POTS signal to the application and in most cases allows the company to save on monthly costs, with better reliability, and quicker repair.

Plain Old Telephone lines were introduced in 1876. This analog telecommunication was the standard until 1988 and is still used currently, but all the major telephone providers have initiated their phase out strategy. The FCC has issued Order 10-72A1 that mandates that all POTS lines in the US be replaced with an alternative service – such as fiber or wireless connections – by August 2, 2022.
Many companies still rely on this POTS technology. It still being used to for life saving emergency communications that run natively on these analog lines to include: Fire Alarms, Elevators, Phone lines, Security Systems and more. Our POTSolve solution provides TRUE dial tone and is a simple replacement for your current setup.

How POTSolve Works

Standard POTS application

For your basic needs such as Fax or Overhead PA’s, Just the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is needed. We program your phone number directly into our software and then we route your call to its destination for you. This simply needs power and Internet, which the POTSolve Bundle can assist with.

Life safety POTS application

For your more complex and life safety use cases such as Fire Alarms and Elevators, we build the ATA into an enclosure complete with a battery for backup purposes and an LTE router for constant connection. We simply connect our RJ21X, via 66-telco block, to your existing system and provision your ATA for your specific use cases.

All of these lines can be managed in our portal and supported by CSG and our Managed Services offerings.

Why choose POTSolve?

There are so many reasons that you can benefit from choosing POTSolve.
These are the main features you’ll benefit from:

Built-in Power Source

If your office power goes down, POTSolve's batteries will keep you running for hours.

Disaster Recovery

Reliable, and self-contained connections for quick deployment.

Verizon 4G LTE SIM Card

Internet connectivity and analog dial tone connectivity for up to eight lines with a 4G LTE SIM card included.

Stay compliant

HIPAA, PCI, FCC, NFPA, UL, and UL 60950-1 compliant.

Point of sale

Continue to take payments during an outage.

Professional On-Site Surveys

Available for peace of mind.

Access to LIVE Consulting

Consulting for hardware and service compatibility.

Pro Installation

Antenna and professional installation options available.

Your POTS Replacement Solution

Analog signal phone service is delivered to you over a 4G LTE cellular network providing you the most comprehensive coverage nationally of any mobile network.

Reliable Internet connectivity from Verizon’s 4G LTE network compared to the aging copper in the ground that in some places is over 100 years old and susceptible to failure.

100% Compliant

POTSolve meets PCI, HIPAA, FCC, NFPA, UL, and UL 60950-1 compliances.

  • Fire panel compliance

    Meets or exceeds both National Fire Protection Association Rule 72 and Underwriters Laboratories rule 864 for what types of services can connect to fire alarms. POTSolve can connect to any fire alarm and pass fire marshal inspection anywhere in the domestic U.S.

  • Underwriters laboratories

    Meets or exceeds UL 864 for fire alarm panels.

  • HIPAA-compliant fax gateway

    Easily send and receive faxes over encrypted and secure connections.

You’ll get all of these great features:

User portal

Review incoming/outgoing calls and faxes, numbers assigned, user access, boxes, and operational status of POTSolve.

Remote out-of-band monitoring & management

POTSolve is remotely monitored to ensure end-point connectivity at all times. Notification via text or email is available via cloud platform if any issues arise.

Dual path capable - Specific options available

Resilient/redundant Internet Access for low to high signal locations. SD-WAN functionality.

Auto provisioning support and deployment

With cloud control, the technician can quickly and easily install your minimum point of entry (MPOE).

Cloud VPN + smart MPLS

Never lose connectivity among offices. POTSolve’s unique cloud VPN and smart MPLS solution creates a mesh of interconnected nodes over our cloud infrastructure, providing redundant, high-availability connectivity thanks to Verizon’s LTE.

Up to 8 ports & simultaneous calls of RJ11 48 Volts

Allows for POTS replacements of “Tip and Ring” devices (ie: key systems, fire & security systems, faxes/efax, modems, elevators, SCADA, entry systems, overhead paging, and point of sale.

Battery back-up

24 hours of battery backup, impervious to power failure.

Powerful IOT firewall

High-test security of communications is built into hardware. POTSolve’s core promise is business continuity, and continuity demands secure connection to the Internet.

Number portability (LNP)

Toll free and DID numbers can be moved as needed.

End-user portal

ATA connection status 24/7/365

Remote “off-band” monitoring and management

Allows POTSolve support to be constantly informed and in control of your device.

Dual WAN options available

Allows for in-house Internet utilization.

Choose POTSolve to help you stay connected

Replace your old landlines with POTSolve.

Analog signal phone service is delivered to you over a 4G LTE cellular Network providing you a reliable connection that won’t get disrupted by local hazards. POTSolve saves you money, provides redundancy, better reliability, and fire panel compliance.