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PS Install & OSS Guide


  • Request from site POC that they contact their monitoring service to place fire and security panels into test mode for a minimum of 4 hours (when life safety lines are involved)
  • Mount POTSove enclosure and 66-block
  • Power up system and confirm internet connectivity from router
  • Perform and document two speed test from router
  • Verify ATA/s are online
  • Test call from 66-block for all provisioned line and before cross connects are started
  • Verify with site POC that fire and security panels are in test mode (when life safety lines are involved)
  • Remove cross connect wiring from existing demarcation punch down and connect to POTSolve 66-block for each provisioned line
  • Test each provisioned line as close to device as possible
  • If there is no access available on device end, we will have to rely on testing the lines at the POTSolve 66-block
  • Customer may be required to contact their vendor to test from fire and security panels
  • Take photos of the following
    • Installed POTSolve enclosure and 66- block
    • Up close shot of POTSolve 66-block
    • Inside of POTSolve enclosure


  • Multiple demarcations in different areas of property
  • Shared lines utilizing fire/security/elevator lines to feed other devices (fax, credit card machines, postage machines…)
  • Non documented or untagged existing lines being replaced by POTSolve
  • LTE signal below acceptable levels at proposed install area (demarcation location)


  • Identify install area (requires 2ft by 2ft back board space in demarcation area)
  • Verify power outlet with in 5ft of install area
  • Verification of Verizon LTE signal
  • If LTE signal is below acceptable levels, identify and document best pathway and mounting area for external antenna
  • Trace and tag existing lines, being replaced by POTSolve, in demarcation area
  • If multiple demarcations, identify which existing lines, being replaced by POTSolve, are in each demarcation
  • Verify power outlet with in 5ft of install area
  • For life safety lines, verify if there is a active LAN connection with in 10ft of install area
  • Verify that all devices moving to POTSolve are working properly
  • Take photos of the following
    • End devices (with make and model if possible)
    • Entire room where demarcation is located (multiple photos if needed)
    • Demarcation punch down fields
    • Proposed back board space
    • Closest power outlet in correlation to proposed install area
    • When life safety lines are involved, closest active LAN connection in correlation to proposed install area


  • Cordless drill/Screwdriver (Phillips head)
  • 66/110 punch down tool with 66 blade
  • Wire cutters
  • Zip ties (wire management)
  • Label maker/Sharpie (tagging lines at CPE 66-block)