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Potsolve Site Preparedness Document

This document is to prepare customers and sites for the installation of one POTSolve equipment install and new line terminations.

Please ensure that our tech has an on-site contact who is aware of the Install appointment and can provide technician access to the termination points of the Demarcation and alarm/fire/security panel specific locations within the building (Both Sides).

To ensure a smooth install, please review the following prior to the installation. These items are listed for preparation and informational purposes for the customer prior to our deployment.

  1. We Require at least 2ftx2ft of wall space available to mount the POTSolve unit, plywood backboard preferred. (Drywall is not recommended but can be used at the customers discretion.) Any other materials such as concrete, brick, cinderblock, metal, etc., should have a plywood backboard mounted to wall before the technician arrives. The technician will only have drywall/woodscrews and cordless drill on hand for wall mounting the unit (Tapcons & Hammer drill for concrete/brick will not be available)
  2. Minimum level of Verizon Cellular service is required. Two bars of Cellular service on a cell phone and speeds of 3 download and 2 upload with a ping under 80ms, with the ability to make a calls and load web pages satisfies the signal requirements. This is in 90% of installations with solutions requiring 4 lines or less. Except when the latency and ping return times are below acceptable levels shown above. Then alternative category modems will need to be quoted with options to connect to a customer’s LAN. If this is known to not be available, please notify your sales rep.
  3. We will close all doors where the POTSolve equipment is to be installed to test for cellular signal strength on the router to simulate real conditions. We will make phone calls from the new ATA with the techs butt-set and complete speed test directly connected to cellular router with techs laptop.